Elliott Tape

Elliott Tape


Past, Present and into the Future

Hugh Elliott founded Elliott Tape in 1974. At the time, the automotive tape industry was undergoing vast change with new demands being placed on the manufacturing and distribution ends of the business. From the very beginning, the mission of Elliott Tape has been to fulfill the growing demands of the market for pressure sensitive tape through a 'just-in-time' distribution and fulfillment system.

Over the last few decades, the company has rapidly grown into the leading supplier of automotive and industrial tape. The challenges that come with growth have been many, but by maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit that started it all, Elliott Tape has thrived in a market of rapid change.

In 1994 Elliott Tape was renamed Elliott Group International to better reflect the new realities of the expanding international marketplace.  Today, the members of the EGI team continue their strong commitment to their customer base, ensuring that EGI is well positioned for many more years of entrepreneurial excellence well into the future.

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