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Surface Protection
These tapes provide temporary protection for several applications: interior and exterior automotive parts, graphic arts, glass and more. 

  • Material - Films, Maskings, Paper 
  • Adhesives - Rubber, Acrylic, Latex
  • Thickness - 2.0 mil to 6.0 mil
  • Sizes vary, color options and perfing available
    Surface Protection


Elliott Tape / EGI...

     Offering quality products and solutions since 1974

Elliott Tape, Inc. / EGI is a leading tape supplier in the automotive industry with a commitment to product knowledge, customer service and a determination to provide quality products and solutions.  Originally founded in 1974 to serve the automotive industry, Elliott Tape has since expanded its business to include the Appliance, Aerospace, Military, Industrial and Solar industries as well as Automotive. As a global supplier corporation we manufacture in Chicago, IL, have sales and distribution locations in Auburn Hills, MI and El Paso, TX and a sales office in Singapore.

Our wide selection of products include dry vinyl tapes, pressure sensitive tapes, printed ID tapes, foil products, masking tapes, cloth tapes, foam products, surface protection, heat shrink tubing, die cuts and many products for custom applications.  We offer quality products and effective solutions to meet our customers’ requirements both now and into the future.


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